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本文摘要:Clint Black-The Newspaper SolicitorWhen I was 14, I was hired for an after-school job selling subscriptions to my Hometown paper, the Houston Post. I was sent to some of the citys worst neighborhoods to solicit door-to-door. Even though I


Clint Black-The Newspaper SolicitorWhen I was 14, I was hired for an after-school job selling subscriptions to my Hometown paper, the Houston Post. I was sent to some of the city's worst neighborhoods to solicit door-to-door. Even though I was often scrambling around after dark in bad areas searching for garage apartments, I was grateful for the work.克林特·布莱克——报纸推销员 14岁的时候,我获得了一份放学后的零工——为我家乡的报纸《休斯顿邮报》推销订单。我被派去向城里一些最难敷衍的住户挨家挨户地征求订单。

纵然经常要在天黑之后到治安杂乱的地域去寻找那些带车库的公寓,但我仍然对获得这份事情心存感谢。It was a challenge because people didn't like a stranger knocking on their door, especially a kid trying to get them to buy something. One time, a man slammed his door in my face and screamed, "I Don't want no damn paper." I forced myself to knock again and was able to tell him how great the paper was. I ended up selling him a subscription. I was soon among the top subscription sellers and, like other successful salesmen, was given responsibility for training newcomers.这是一项挑战,因为人们不喜欢一个生疏人来敲自己的房门,尤其是一个试图让他们买工具的孩子。有一次,一个男子在我眼前"砰"的一声关上了门并尖叫道:"我不想订什么活该的报纸。"我强迫自己再次敲他的门,告诉他这是一份何等精彰的报纸。

最后,他签了一份订单。我很快就跻身于高销量订单推销员之列,并像其他乐成的销售员一样,开始卖力培训新人。Around this time I started playing the harmonica and guitar. Before long I was playing in a band at chili cook-offs and other events. When I turned 18, I focused my attention on becoming a professional musician. I never lost sight of this dream. I'm sure my perseverance came from what I learned knocking on strangers' doors.在此期间,我开始演奏口琴和吉他。


我相信,这种坚定不移的精神就是我在学会敲开生疏人的房门的历程中形成的。That experience helped me in many ways. Early in my music career I was locked in a legal dispute with a former manager. He pressured me to back off, but I refused.那种履历在许多方面都对我很是有益。在我音乐生涯的初期,我曾纠缠于与一位前任经纪人的执法争议之中。他强迫我脱离,但我拒绝了。

Having all those doors slammed in my face as a kid gave me the strength to stand up to this intimidating figure. Except this time there was one difference: I was the one saying no. And I won.所有那些吃闭门羹的履历给了我气力,使我能够勇敢地与这个威胁我的人反抗。只有这一次差别:我是谁人说"不"的人。我赢了。Louis Caldera-The Parking-Lot Sweeper Both my parents came from towns in Mexico. I was born in EI Paso, Texas, and when I was four, my family moved to a housing project in East Los Angeles.路易斯·卡尔德——控停车场清洁员我的怙恃都来自墨西哥的小镇。

我出生在得克萨斯州的埃尔帕索市,在我4岁的时候,我们全家搬到了洛杉矶东部的一个住宅区。Even though we struggled to make ends meet, my parents stressed to me and my four brothers and sisters how fortunate we were to live in a great country with limitless opportunities. They imbued in us the concepts of family, faith and patriotism.只管我们挣扎过活,委曲维持收支平衡,但我的怙恃仍然对我和我的4个兄弟姐妹强调我们何等幸运,能够生活在一个充满无限机缘的伟大国家里。他们向我们贯注家庭、信念和爱国精神的看法。

I got my first real job when I was ten. My dad, Benjamin, injured his back working in a cardboard-box factory and was retrained as a hairstylist. He rented space in a little strip mall and gave his shop the fancy name of Mr. Ben's Coiffure.10岁的时候,我获得了第一份真正的事情。我的父亲本杰明在一家纸箱厂事情的时候,后背受伤了,他学习成为一名美发师。他在一条商业小街上租了一个地方,给自己的店肆起了一个奇特的名字——本先生发型店。

The owner of the shopping center gave Dad a discount on his rent for cleaning the parking lot three nights a week, which meant getting up at 3a.m. To pick up trash, Dad used a little machine that looked like a lawn mower. Mom and I emptied garbage cans and picked up litter by hand. It took two to three hours to clean the lot. I'd sleep in the car on the way home.商业街的业主在租金上给爸爸打了折,条件是每周3个晚上清理停车场,那就意味着要在破晓3点起床。爸爸用一部看上去像割草机一样的机械来收垃圾;我和妈妈倾倒垃圾桶,用手来捡垃圾。

清理这个停车场需要用2至3个小时。在回家的路上,我睡在车上。I did this for two years, but the lessons I learned have lasted a lifetime. I acquired discipline and a strong work ethic, and learned at an early age the importance of balancing life's competing interests-in my case, school, Homework and a job. This really helped during my senior year of high school , when I worked 40 hours a week flipping burgers at a fast-food joint while taking a full load of college-prep courses.这个事情我做了两年,但学到的工具却使我受益一生。

我养成了自律性和坚定的事情道德,并小小年龄就明白了在有冲突的生活利益——我自己的事情、学校、家务和事情之间掌握平衡的重要性。在我中学的最后一年期间,这真的对我有很大资助,其时我正在学习全部大学预科课程,准备考大学,与此同时,我每周还要事情物个小时,在一家快餐连锁店做汉堡。The hard work paid off. I attended the U.S. Military Academy and went on to receive graduate degrees in law and business from Harvard. Later, I joined a big Los Angeles law firm and was elected to the California state assembly. In these jobs and in everything else I've done, I haven ever forgotten those nights in the parking lot. The experience taught me that there is dignity in all work and that if people are working to provide for themselves and their families, that is something we should honor.艰辛的努力赢利了丰盛的回报。


在做这些事情以及其他任何事情的时候,我从未忘记过清理停车场的那些夜晚。那次履历使我明白,所有的事情都有尊严,只要是自食其力、能够养家生活的人,都应该受到我们的尊敬。Suze Orman-The Waitress In 1973, when I was 22, three friends and I piled into a Ford Econoline van in my Hometown of Chicago and started out across America. We ended up in Berkeley, Calif, where I got a job cutting down eucalyptus trees with a chain saw for $3.50 an hour.苏茜·欧曼——女服务员 1973年,我22岁的时候,我和3个朋侪在我的家乡芝加哥市,挤进一辆福特伊克诺莱货车里,开始了横穿美国之旅。

我们的旅程是在加州的伯克利市竣事的,我在那里获得了一份事情一一用链锯伐按树,酬劳是每小时3.5美元。But my first real long-term job was at a local diner called the Buttercup Bakery. I worked there for seven years and learned so many lessons, especially from a fellow waitress.然而,我的第一份真正的恒久事情,是在一家名叫金凤花面包房的餐馆里。我在那里事情了7年,学到了许多工具,尤其是从一位女服务员身上。

Helen was in her 60s and had red hair and incredible self-respect, something I was sorely lacking. I looked up to Helen because she was doing what she loved-serving people-and nobody did it better. She made everyone smiled feel good, customers and co-workers alike.海伦已经60多岁了,她有着一头红发和令人难以置信的自尊心,而那正是我极为缺乏的。我尊敬海伦,因为她热爱她的事情——为他人服务——且没有人比她做得更好。她使每小我私家都笑逐颜开,感受良好,无论对主顾还是同事,她都一视同仁。

I also learned how important it is to take pride in life's little accomplishments. When I helped out in the kitchen, nothing made me feel better than putting two eggs on the grill, flipping them over easy, and serving them just the way the customer wanted.我也学会了以生活中微不足道的成就为傲,是一件何等重要的事。当我在厨房里帮助的时候,没有什么能比打两个鸡蛋在煎炉上、两面翻转、按主顾的要求送上去,更令我感受良好的了。Being a waitress changed my life. One of my regular customers was Fred Hasbrook, an electronics salesman. He always ate a ham -and -Monterey-Jack omelet, and when I saw him walking toward the diner, I tried to have it on his table as soon as he sat down.女服务员事情改变了我的一生。我的一个老主顾名叫弗雷德·海斯布鲁克,是一位电子器件销售员。

他总是吃一种火腿夹干酷蛋卷;每当我看到他向餐馆走来的时候,我就只管做到他刚一坐下,我就把蛋卷端到他的桌子上。Thanks to the new found confidence I picked up from Helen, I dreamed of having my own restaurant. But when I called my parents to ask for a loan, they said, "We just don't have the money."由于在海伦那里获得的新发现的信心,我开始梦想拥有属于自己的餐厅;但当我给怙恃打电话乞贷时,他们却说我们没有钱。

The next day, Fred saw me and asked, "what's wrong,sunshine? you're not smiling today." I shared my dream with him and said, "Fred, I know I can do more if somebody would just have faith in me.""第二天,弗雷德看到我,并问我怎么了,我的阳光?你今天没有笑容。"我把我的梦告诉了他,并对他说弗雷德,我知道,只要有人对我有信心,我能做更多的事。"He walked over to some of the other diner regulars and the next day handed me checks totaling $50,000 -along with a note that I have to this day. It reads, "The only collateral on this loan is my trust in your honesty as a person. Good people with a dream should have the opportunity to make that dream come true."弗雷德向其他一些餐馆的常客走去;第二天,他给了我几张总额5万美元的支票,以及一张我至今仍珍藏着的便笼。

便笼上写着"这笔乞贷唯一的担保,就是我对你老实做人的信任。有梦想的好人应该拥有美梦成真的时机。"I took the checks to Merrill Lynch - the first time I had ever entered a brokerage house -where the money was invested for me. I continued working at the Buttercup, making plans for the restaurant I would open. My investments soured, though, and I lost the money.我拿着这几张支票去了美林证券公司一一那是我第一次走进一家署理公司——我用那笔钱举行了投资。

我一边继续在金凤花餐馆事情,一边为我将要开办的餐厅举行着计划。然而,我的投资失败了,我失去了那笔钱。I found myself thinking about what it would be like to be a stockbroker. After great deliberation I decided to apply for a job at Merrill Lynch. Even though 1 had no experience, I was hired and ended up becoming a pretty good broker. Eventually I paid back Fred and my customers the $50,000, plus 14 -percent annual interest. Five years later, I was able to open my own firm.我开始思量成为一名股票经纪人会怎么样。深思熟虑之后,我决议去美林证券公司求职。

虽然我没有任何履历,但我还是被任命了,并最终成为了一名精彩的经纪人。终于,我以 14%的年息还清了弗雷德和我那些餐馆主顾的5万美元。5年之后,我开办了自己的公司。

I got a thank-you note from Fred, which will be imprinted on my heart forever. He had been sick and wrote that my check had helped cover his mounting medical bills. His letter read , "That loan may have been one of the best investments that I will ever make. Who else could have invested in a counter girl with a million -dollar personality and watch that investment mature into a very successful career woman. How few 'investors' have that opportunity?"弗雷德给我写了一封谢谢信,这封信将永远烙印在我的心上。他一直都有病在身,他说我的支票帮他支付了日益增多的医药费。


有几个‘投资者’有这样的时机呢? "。